Random Thoughts 1

Once upon a time , among the tall egoistic trees , there stood an erect tamaric 

For trees days were always majestic and nights gorgeous

But for alone tamaric it was never more than oyster days and gray nights

For from the first ray of hope to the last bliss of moon,

each day was a struggle against nature(for wind , sun,rain), humiliation and mockery 

while each night a stroke of embarrassment and self-pity.

And so one day after years of outside shelling remarks and inner helplessness , the tamaric secluded 

Then one ugly day the nature’s fury spath hell out on the forest .

The egoistic trees sunk down to the very womb whence they once began as tamaric.

The first ray shone brighter than never before for the tamaric 

Filled with joy the tamaric released catecholamines after a what seemed like a millenia

But to his surprise there was no warmth 

The tamaric looked across wondering what went wrong 

Only to find his fellow yellow pale leaves crying in agony and helplessness

Neither death took him in her peaceful and worryfree arms nor life could give tamaric the bliss of livliness 

  1. Never let Ego overeach its limit no matter how far and high you go in life . Remember you too started as a lowly
  2. No matter how different you are remember you being different means you have something advantageous than others. Never let others’ decisions decide your path and govern your life .


The Leibster Award

I know its been quite some time since my last post . My sincere apologies to all and especially that person who lit my mind and life by introducing me to all of you and this beautiful world of WordPress . I feel really special to have been nominated by that very person . Its indeed an honor . I am sure you all know him for his genuine and pure thoughts and enjoy his posts as much as I do . If anyone doesn’t follow , Mr Lonely   now .

So here are the answers of these amazing questions asked :-

  1.  Share a secret .

There are many . I don’t recall any special but as soon as I do , I will share it with you           right away .

2.  Summers or Winter .

Both are two sides of a coin for me but if you insist I will go with winters. Why ? Less         people out more peace of mind inside and better the life or so it seems .

3. Any dare you want to perform ?

Try that roller coaster again and alone sitting in the same seat and position .

4.  Favorite Letter ?

J . Why ? Well you asked only one secret so its all on you .

5.  Some words about me .

I have literally run out of words and applause . See intro  🙂

6.  One hilarious moment

That moment when you almost fell off the roller coaster . Those were mixed feelings          happy(pata ni kyu , it was as if a higher power 😀 ) , rejoice(next day college off :D) and      a little scared . Thats the recent one I remember .

7. Last place you want to end up .

Boards exam center  😦

8.  Some guidelines to help me write….

Keep writing your thoughts just like you do simple and pure , straight out of your               heart .

9.  Give me a topic to write for next posts .

School memories and your love life .

10.  Something I should try ?

Patience . Ghar se chala jaunga jaldi  😀

11.  Will you give me a party ?

Why not bro on 29 Feb , aishappat (mother promise)


Some facts about me :-

Well I have mentioned them before too . Check them out  here

I am gonna break the fouth wall again and to all the enthusiastic bloggers there , I think , not think but am damn sure you all deserve this honory award .



Time , our creator,mentor,judge our friend, foe , our destructor . Time can be anything but static and where time moves life got to move else it isn’t life but ravages of time . And how does we move our life ahead? Decisions. Choices .

 Thats what elders said and I have been taught all right since childhood that “elders are always right.” And boy I respected that and listened to everyting they said and made every decision as per their norms . What ? I belong to an Indian && middleclass && Punjabi background (&& – programmers will know) . Had I disrespected, totte-totte kar dete mere(chop me down) . So yes , aye , oui , wakatta , entendido , verstanden , I had to do what they said, when, how and where. 

Atleast thats what I thought until one bright and moonless night some baffling thing(s) dawned on me . That was the first bright ray in my life indicating I have started to mature .

“Elders are always right”. “Choices define us” …… but what about these people ? Are they some kind of exceptions ? But wait there are so many of them Is it like in Biology where exceptions are more than topics themselves ( no offense meant , I love Biology) :- 

(only few listed here else the post would be damn too long)

  1. Mahatma Gandhi , the father of our nation , agreed on disintegrating Hindustan to present India & Pakistan. Both side people knew each other well , had lived , laughed and cried together since long . The bloodshed is regarded as one of the most merciless and widespread communal bloodshed in the modern history . Till date many people die on both sides and it keeps getting worse even after 71 years .
  2. A father scolds , even beats up his son badly. He pushes him into the pool even when they both know that son can’t swim yet.
  3. Many birds throw their new borns down the tree. 
  4. Severus Snape killed Prof. Dumbledore , joined evil, betrayed his loved ones, helped almost destroy his second home Hogwarts.
  5. Itachi Uchiha slaughtered his entire clan and became a rogue shinobi and an S class criminal.

Yes , “Elders are always right” . I am sure of it now. But wait there is something more to them . I was as confused as a newbie judging if the 2  triangles are similar or congruent.

So if choices define us , were these people really wrong ?  They intentionally did the wrong thing , who does that , who kills himself by his own grenade in COD ? 

Maybe because it would kill the enemy thats had almost killed your commrad. 

Maybe it is because of them that our future is a lot better, much brighter .

  1. Hadn’t Bapu Gandhi agreed on disintegrating into India & Pakistan who knows when would we have got Independence .And bloodshed would continue maybe forever.
  2. If a father doesn’t scold his son how can he ever realize his mistakes and become a matured and better man.
  3. If birds don’t push the new borns , maybe some might never learn to fly and hence fall prey to predators in no time .
  4. If Snape hadn’t played the villian, Harry would have died several times . And Hogwarts would have been enslaved a long time ago by Voldemort.
  5. If Itachi Uchiha hadn’t slaughtered his clan , his village would had been endangered , another great ninja war would have been waged and lakhs would have had died .

So if the elders are always right (you know well I didn’t have a choice back there) , then

what is it that actually defines us ?

Our Choices or

The Reason why we make them.

and what those choices leave behind for generations yet to come. 

When the first ray of sun glistened its blessings upon me , and the Cucoo sang a rare welcome morning note , I knew it for sure then :-

I have matured   and that
I had made my choice. 

One Lovely Blogger Award

Thank you so much Orange Orchards for nominating me for this prestigious award . 

I never realized how stubborn I could be to have never ever asked or remembered​ your name while you always did remember mine . If you read this plz do comment your name below , I promise that I will itch your name in my mind this time( mumy kassam😂) 

For all those who don’t know about​ her(I doubt there will be any) do check out her blog .She will always leave you enthralled with her thoughts and wondering with her scribbles in the end .

Seven facts about me :-

  1. I am profoundly fond of History and Mythology . 
  2. I love paleontology and dinosaur study . I hope that I see myself as one in future.
  3. I love Sports . Favorite being Football , Swimming , athletics and Table Tennis.
  4. I hate Mathematics even though I am onto become an Engineer.
  5. I love Anime ❤ 
  6. I love playing Keyboard 
  7. Even though I like Lionel Messi , I am a Madrista fan .

Now I will like to break the rule and nominate everyone for this award . Because I was going through each of my fellow followers’ works yesterday, I noticed why I started following them. Each has unique thoughts,style, views and a special gift , gift that makes them just so beautiful and special.

Here are the rules :- 

  • Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link back to their blog.
  • They must include the rules and award badge as an image.
  • They must add seven facts about themselves.
  • They must nominate 15 people.

Happy Blogging !

One Lovely Blogger Award

Time : friend or foe 

Yesterday I failed

Yesterday I cried
Yesterday I felt lost forever
Yesterday I was all broken inside
Yesterday I confessed “I quit !”
Yesterday death seemed dearer
It was all yesterday

But if it was all yesterday , why does it still hurt ?

Why do I still suffer ?

Why do the dementors still suck life out of me ?

Why do those time wraiths still haunt?

They say “Time Heal All Wounds”

Does it ? Is that almighty Time’s pure divinity ?

Or just a cheap lame trick ?

A temporary fill ?

Time but nothing just covers up the wound

Nothing but a partial fix

Due to the glut of humane

Like the first aid on a already burnt dead hand

A mineral wool on a leaking fuming pipe that will surely excise

A Marham on our bleeding heart and soul .

Ask a mother who lost her son if time always heals

A footballer his knee

A singer her voice

A poet her visualization

A 12 standard her passion

A rape victim her life

A person his soul

A human his humanity

Legend says it all “The Wrath of Time”

Mythologies say it right “Time , the Ultimate Destructor ”

Like an infinite river of regrets and sorrows

Like a ghost from a misty past

Like sand dunes of happiness that always soar away

So what is time to you ?
Savior or Satan ?
Friend or a Foe ?
An Option or something Inevitable ?

Yin or Yang ?

Life or Death ?

The Blue Sky Tag 

Thanks a lot @Boranaroshni for tagging me 

I am most honored for this nomination .

This is my very first nomination and its all because of the support of lovely people like you.

Here are the rules:

  • Give 11 questions
  • Tag as many people as you want
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you

Questions that I have been given:

  • How do you describe yourself

$- An adventure lover, A passionate Sportsperson . Sometimes a bit too serious , many times fun to be around 😂 , am always seeking to do something different.

  • Are you scared of heights

    $ – Nope 

    • If you could be an animal what animal would you be?

    $- Wolf , because of its calm and caring nature . But if anyone hurts someone he cares about , he is death himself .

    • What places you have traveled and want to travel ?

    $- Frankly speaking haven’t been out much . But would love to wander the ranges of China , Tibet, explore the majestic Amazon forests, calm my mind and soul in Switzerland and have romance in the city of Love(Hoping since long now😂😁)

    • What is your overall goal in life?

    $- Work hard and never give up on any task undertaken and most importantly lead a Satisfying life rather than a successful one which today’s world measures in terms of no. of zeros in your bank balance.

    • Would you like to be famous?

    $ – Never much of a desire but since you ask who wouldn’t wanna be ? 😁😂😎

    • What natural disaster are you mostly scared of?

    $- Floods . They happened last year when it was my first year in college. Struck for 3 days with hardly any food , water and electricity . All modes of transportation disrupted . And I was alone 2,690 kms from my home and family .

    • Have you had a paranormal life experience ?

    $ – As a matter of fact , I have had 3 such experiences. Everytime I recall them , it sends a chill down my spine .

    • Are you a dog person or a cat person?

    $-  I will prefer Cat since I am single 😞😂

    • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

    $- I like to call my self a restricted person . I do many times talk a lot , laugh a lot , do kiddish stuff and pull some mischievous acts too (No!  not while I am drunk 😒😂, infact I don’t drink) . Rest as they say is a matter of perspective .

    • Favorite quote(s)?


    My nominations :-








    My Questions are :-

    1.  What made you start writing ?
    2. Your favorite writter/ poet ?
    3. A fear yet to conquer 
    4. Describe yourself 
    5. Your ultimate goal in life
    6. Will you call yourself an introvert or extrovert?
    7. Your Zodiac sign 
    8. Movie you have watched hundred times and can watch over a hundred times more and still relish it 
    9. If given a chance , which famous personality would you like to date ?
    10. Your Favorite writting genre 
    11. The decision you regret the most 

    NOTE :- The above questions are strictly for leisure purposes and completly out of intention to hurt anyone. We are writters and its our way of dealing with emotions , accepting and scribbling them that defines us.

    However , if you find any any of the above question pricking your private space, feel free to leave that question(s)

    All the very best !! . Lets spread love.

    A Soldier’s Only Regret

    ” We are blessed with an angelic daughter . Everytime I look at her , she reminds me of you. Yes, she has got your beautiful eyes. “

    The Letter , in the first instant , did what triggers , torture and grenades could not do even in 10 years.

    For the first time the Soldier’s hand trembled 

     as he felt the Braille Script peirce his heart and touch his soul .

    Though one battle was over , another began .

    Only this time the Soldier knew he had lost the War .

    RIP Naruto (2005-2017)

    I still remember…….

    It all started in the monsoons of September 2005.

    A stranger entered my life 

    He was always energetic , mischievous and poor at studies (totally my type).

    In no time we became the best of friends.

    I visited him everyday without fail at sharp 4:00 p.m.

    We always had a great time together 

    Certain adventures together 

    At a fun place called “ANIMAX

    Years passed…….

    From childhood to adulthood

    From school to college​

    From kiddish  fun and small mischieves to maturity and principles of life 

    We grew together,laughed together, cried together and as far as I hate to say it even mourned together.

    But now……

    We were both grown men in a cruel and complicated world

    And that meant 

    No more fun 

    More fake masks

    No more small mischieves

    Less quality time for your loved ones

    More of a battle it was everyday​

    Thinking its always about “I”

    Thinking our destinies have been predefined

    At least thats what I thought

    Until I met him again after 10 years… 

    It felt as if this whole time I have been living a lie

    I learned……

    Your destiny is in your and your hands alone

    It is never only about you but always about you and the people around you whom you love , whom you cherish

    Naruto Uzumaki” now that I think about it, you taught me a lot of lessons or rather you taught me everyting I needed in life

    Some of your words still ring my ears when I feel low or lost

    • Stop complaining about fate and saying how it cannot be changed.
    • If you don’t like your destiny, don’t accept it instead have the courage and will to change it
    • It’s OK to get lost in the process, just don’t forget to walk one more time.

    And then there is this one sentence that always keeps me alive in the race

           Never give up no matter what

    You came into my life as a story 

    You left as a legend and the best friend I doubt I will ever have .

    The Lasso of XII

    “Father! Father! , exclaimed the daughter

    “Look!! I scored above 80% just like you demanded “.

    “Hmm , finaly , thank god for that”, the father sighed

    “Can I finaly now choose my field of choice, please?”

    “Of course dear! You are always free to choose , we will never pressurize you” the mother again repeated
    A light filled up her eyes
    Like an aurora in polars
    An eternal spring in barren

    She felt as if her entire sadness was wiped over

    All those years of struggle & patience finaly paid in her favor.

    “Engineering , medical , IAS or CA ? Choose any you like ” the mother said

    “No sweat no hurry

    But think over it carefully

    For it’s the thing your resume shall always carry”

    A never anticipated drought depleted her small spring of hope

    The aurora disappeared leaving behind her life as lifeless as the Arctic

    Her acclaimed masterpeice entitled “THE IDEAL FAMILY” failed to say anything but helplessly peek from inside her pocket

    Irony swayed the entire room.
    Life slowly started seeping out of her quickly traversing towards doom
    The last barricade broke after 6 years
    Her fleight of hand was found close to her once warm heart

    Only this time not in regular paints

    But in a blend of a peculiar red pastels and infinite soaked tears