A still difficult morning to cope

In the silence of those frequent fading noises  

when you are still listening to your your favorite track , or scoring in Allianz Arena or enjoying an oasis 

Suddenly bursts a familiar storm ruining everything 

A predator continuosly festing on your peace and still growling  

The state of emergency is imposed because a familiar enemy closely approach

As a true warrior hath two options: surrender your peaceful life   

Or become a martyr fighting.  

You wear you armour hoping for the last time but still with dignity and honour 

Climbing onto your regular mechanical horse with your entire regiment waiting  

You reach the usual battlefield that is ready to swallow you again in the most dreadful of your nightmares you have been imagining.  

And now you enter the arena of doomsday , which spats hell out of Hades Tartarus itself 

A bell ringing….  

Mathematics period …the first of those tiresome and infinite 8 periods. 

The Battle begins …..sadfully again  


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