The Lasso of XII

“Father! Father! , exclaimed the daughter 

“Look!! I scored above 80%just like you demanded “.

“Hmm , finaly , thank god for that”, the father sighed

“Can I finaly now choose my field of choice, please?”

“Of course , dear,you are always free to choose , we will never pressurize you” mother again repeated

A light filled up her eyes 

Like an aurora in polars

An eternal spring in barren 

She felt as if her entire sadness was wiped over 

All those years of struggle & patience finaly paid in her favor.

“Engineering , medical , IAS or CA ? Choose any you like ” the mother said

“No sweat no hurry 

But think over it carefully

For it’s the thing your resume will always carry”

A never anticipated drought depleted her small spring of hope

The aurora disappeared leaving behind her life as lifeless as arctic

Her acclaimed masterpeice entitled”THE IDEAL FAMILY” failed to say anything in her motion but helplessly peek from inside the pocket

Irony swayed the entire room .

 Life slowly started seeping out of her quickly traversing towards doom

The last barricade broke after 6 years

Her fleight of hand was found close to her once warm heart again

Only this time not in regular paints 

but  blend of a peculiar red pastel color and infinite soaked tears


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