RIP Naruto (2005-2017)

I still remember…….

It all started in the monsoons of September 2005.

A stranger entered my life 

He was always energetic , mischievous and poor at studies (totally my type).

In no time we became the best of friends.

I visited him everyday without fail at sharp 4:00 p.m.

We always had a great time together 

Certain adventures together 

At a fun place called “ANIMAX

Years passed…….

From childhood to adulthood

From school to college​

From kiddish  fun and small mischieves to maturity and principles of life 

We grew together,laughed together, cried together and as far as I hate to say it even mourned together.

But now……

We were both grown men in a cruel and complicated world

And that meant 

No more fun 

More fake masks

No more small mischieves

Less quality time for your loved ones

More of a battle it was everyday​

Thinking its always about “I”

Thinking our destinies have been predefined

At least thats what I thought

Until I met him again after 10 years… 

It felt as if this whole time I have been living a lie

I learned……

Your destiny is in your and your hands alone

It is never only about you but always about you and the people around you whom you love , whom you cherish

Naruto Uzumaki” now that I think about it, you taught me a lot of lessons or rather you taught me everyting I needed in life

Some of your words still ring my ears when I feel low or lost

  • Stop complaining about fate and saying how it cannot be changed.
  • If you don’t like your destiny, don’t accept it instead have the courage and will to change it
  • It’s OK to get lost in the process, just don’t forget to walk one more time.

And then there is this one sentence that always keeps me alive in the race

       Never give up no matter what

You came into my life as a story 

You left as a legend and the best friend I doubt I will ever have .


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