Time : friend or foe 

Yesterday I failed

Yesterday I cried

Yesterday I felt lost forever 

Yesterday I was all broken inside

Yesterday I confessed “I quit !”

Yesterday death seemed dearer 

It was all yesterday 

But if it was all yesterday , why does it still hurt ?

Why do I still suffer ?

Why do the dementors still suck life out of me ?

Why do those time wraiths still haunt?

They say “Time Heal All Wounds”

Does it ? Is that almighty Time’s pure divinity ?

Or just a cheap lame trick ?

A temporary fill ?

Time but nothing just covers up the wound

Nothing but a partial fix

Due to the glut of humane

Like the first aid on a already burnt dead hand

A mineral wool on a leaking fuming pipe that will surely excise

A Marham on our bleeding heart and soul .

Ask a mother who lost her son if time always heals

A footballer his knee

A singer her voice

A poet her visualization

A 12 standard her passion

A  rape victim her life

A person his soul

A human his humanity

Legend says it all “The Wrath of Time”

Mythologies say it right “Time , the Ultimate Destructor ”

Like an infinite river of regrets and sorrows

Like a ghost from a misty past

Like sand dunes of happiness that always soar away no matter how hard we try to keep them around us

So what is time to you ?

Savior or Satan ?

Friend or a Foe ?

An Option or something Inevitable ?

Yin or Yang ?

Life or Death ?


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