One Lovely Blogger Award

Thank you so much Orange Orchards for nominating me for this prestigious award . 

I never realized how stubborn I could be to have never ever asked or remembered​ your name while you always did remember mine . If you read this plz do comment your name below , I promise that I will itch your name in my mind this time( mumy kassam😂) 

For all those who don’t know about​ her(I doubt there will be any) do check out her blog .She will always leave you enthralled with her thoughts and wondering with her scribbles in the end .

Seven facts about me :-

  1. I am profoundly fond of History and Mythology . 
  2. I love paleontology and dinosaur study . I hope that I see myself as one in future.
  3. I love Sports . Favorite being Football , Swimming , athletics and Table Tennis.
  4. I hate Mathematics even though I am onto become an Engineer.
  5. I love Anime ❤ 
  6. I love playing Keyboard 
  7. Even though I like Lionel Messi , I am a Madrista fan .

Now I will like to break the rule and nominate everyone for this award . Because I was going through each of my fellow followers’ works yesterday, I noticed why I started following them. Each has unique thoughts,style, views and a special gift , gift that makes them just so beautiful and special.

Here are the rules :- 

  • Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link back to their blog.
  • They must include the rules and award badge as an image.
  • They must add seven facts about themselves.
  • They must nominate 15 people.

Happy Blogging !

One Lovely Blogger Award


29 thoughts on “One Lovely Blogger Award

  1. Wow! Swimming, table tennis, paleontology, ( you got to edit your spelling 😛) mythology…! Really interesting. I don’t think you are as boring as I thought you were 😛
    And my name! I’ve not told it to anyone on WordPress so far, this was something I decided when I started blogging. So you’ll​ have to remember me as Orange 😂but yeah, I do give my WP friends the liberty to call me by any name.

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