Time , our creator,mentor,judge our friend, foe , our destructor . Time can be anything but static and where time moves life got to move else it isn’t life but ravages of time . And how does we move our life ahead? Decisions. Choices .

 Thats what elders said and I have been taught all right since childhood that “elders are always right.” And boy I respected that and listened to everyting they said and made every decision as per their norms . What ? I belong to an Indian && middleclass && Punjabi background (&& – programmers will know) . Had I disrespected, totte-totte kar dete mere(chop me down) . So yes , aye , oui , wakatta , entendido , verstanden , I had to do what they said, when, how and where. 

Atleast thats what I thought until one bright and moonless night some baffling thing(s) dawned on me . That was the first bright ray in my life indicating I have started to mature .

“Elders are always right”. “Choices define us” …… but what about these people ? Are they some kind of exceptions ? But wait there are so many of them Is it like in Biology where exceptions are more than topics themselves ( no offense meant , I love Biology) :- 

(only few listed here else the post would be damn too long)

  1. Mahatma Gandhi , the father of our nation , agreed on disintegrating Hindustan to present India & Pakistan. Both side people knew each other well , had lived , laughed and cried together since long . The bloodshed is regarded as one of the most merciless and widespread communal bloodshed in the modern history . Till date many people die on both sides and it keeps getting worse even after 71 years .
  2. A father scolds , even beats up his son badly. He pushes him into the pool even when they both know that son can’t swim yet.
  3. Many birds throw their new borns down the tree. 
  4. Severus Snape killed Prof. Dumbledore , joined evil, betrayed his loved ones, helped almost destroy his second home Hogwarts.
  5. Itachi Uchiha slaughtered his entire clan and became a rogue shinobi and an S class criminal.

Yes , “Elders are always right” . I am sure of it now. But wait there is something more to them . I was as confused as a newbie judging if the 2  triangles are similar or congruent.

So if choices define us , were these people really wrong ?  They intentionally did the wrong thing , who does that , who kills himself by his own grenade in COD ? 

Maybe because it would kill the enemy thats had almost killed your commrad. 

Maybe it is because of them that our future is a lot better, much brighter .

  1. Hadn’t Bapu Gandhi agreed on disintegrating into India & Pakistan who knows when would we have got Independence .And bloodshed would continue maybe forever.
  2. If a father doesn’t scold his son how can he ever realize his mistakes and become a matured and better man.
  3. If birds don’t push the new borns , maybe some might never learn to fly and hence fall prey to predators in no time .
  4. If Snape hadn’t played the villian, Harry would have died several times . And Hogwarts would have been enslaved a long time ago by Voldemort.
  5. If Itachi Uchiha hadn’t slaughtered his clan , his village would had been endangered , another great ninja war would have been waged and lakhs would have had died .

So if the elders are always right (you know well I didn’t have a choice back there) , then

what is it that actually defines us ?

Our Choices or

The Reason why we make them.

and what those choices leave behind for generations yet to come. 

When the first ray of sun glistened its blessings upon me , and the Cucoo sang a rare welcome morning note , I knew it for sure then :-

I have matured   and that
I had made my choice. 


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