Random Thoughts 1

Once upon a time , among the tall egoistic trees , there stood an erect tamaric 

For trees days were always majestic and nights gorgeous

But for alone tamaric it was never more than oyster days and gray nights

For from the first ray of hope to the last bliss of moon,

each day was a struggle against nature(for wind , sun,rain), humiliation and mockery 

while each night a stroke of embarrassment and self-pity.

And so one day after years of outside shelling remarks and inner helplessness , the tamaric secluded 

Then one ugly day the nature’s fury spath hell out on the forest .

The egoistic trees sunk down to the very womb whence they once began as tamaric.

The first ray shone brighter than never before for the tamaric 

Filled with joy the tamaric released catecholamines after a what seemed like a millenia

But to his surprise there was no warmth 

The tamaric looked across wondering what went wrong 

Only to find his fellow yellow pale leaves crying in agony and helplessness

Neither death took him in her peaceful and worryfree arms nor life could give tamaric the bliss of livliness 

  1. Never let Ego overeach its limit no matter how far and high you go in life . Remember you too started as a lowly
  2. No matter how different you are remember you being different means you have something advantageous than others. Never let others’ decisions decide your path and govern your life .



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